School Teams

Team Team Members
Management Team Principal, Deputy Principal, Assistant Principals, Programme Co-ordinator.
Student Support Team Principal, DP, Year Heads, Guidance Counsellors, School Psychologist, SEN, HSCL, others EWO, SCP, N.C.S.E, Special Project Heads (as required)
SET Team S.Ferns, O.Maguire, C. Wrynne, S.Cavanagh, S. Balino, B. Lawlor (B.F.L.), N. Holly, N. Dunphy &  SNA’s
Guidance Team B. Comerford, N.Holly
Restorative Practice Implementation Team S. Cavanagh, E. Scally, N. Holly, S. Curley
Friendship Team J. Kearns, Class Tutors, selected SNA’s.
Belonging Plus Team First Year Head, B. Lawlor (B.F.L.), Class Tutors, and Subject Teachers, Guidance Counsellors.

Curriculum and School Supports

Head of English

June Coghlan

Head of Maths

Rosie Daly

Head of Irish


Head of Whole School Wellbeing

Josephine Kearns

Head of Business

Sarah Ferns

Head of Geography

Sandra Nagle

Head of Music

Michael Major

Head of History

Fergal Fitzmaurice

Head of Languages


Head of Art

Olive O’Keeffe

Head of HE


Head of Science


Head of Technology

Michael O’Brien

Head of IT

Malachy Farrell     

Head of RE

Pat. O’Kelly

Head of PE

Ellen Scally

Head of CSPE / S.P.H.E.


Head of S.E.T. Team

Sarah Ferns

Worldwise Global Schools Project

June Coghlan

SCP Liaison

Sinead Tucker

SCP Project Worker

Maureen Bolger & Sara Jane Cooney


Neil Dunphy & Nickola Holly


Ciaran Wrynne

TACA Behaviour For Learning Co-ordinator (B.F.L.)

B. Lawlor