Post Holders and Their Duties 2020/2021

Mr Neil Dunphy,  Principal

Ms Nickola Holly, Deputy Principal


Post Post Holder

Programme Co-ordinator of J.C.S.P. & L.C.A

Examinations Aide for State Exams

Pending (AP1)

Head of first & sixth Year


Barry Lawlor (AP1)


Head of Second & Fifth Year

M. Farrell (AP1)


Head of third and Transition Year


Eamon Boyd (AP1)


Student Voice

School House Exams

Barry Lawolor

Rosie Daly  (AP2)

School Environment

International Projects

J. Coghlan (AP2)

School Lockers

Environment Officer (Green Flag)

C. Wrynne (AP2)

Books Scheme

Health & Safety

Rose Daly (Acting AP2)
J.C.S.P Librarian

Marie Barrett

AP 2 Role Vacant