Post Holders and Their Duties 2020/2021

Mr Neil Dunphy,  Principal

Ms Nickola Holly, Deputy Principal


Post Post Holder

Programme Co-ordinator of J.C.S.P. & L.C.A

Examinations Aide for State Exams

O.O’Keeffe (AP1)

Head of First Year

DEIS /SSE Co-ordinator

E. Boyd (AP1)


Head of Second & Third Year

M. Farrell (AP1)


Head of Transition Year & Sixth Year

S.E.T. Co-ordinator

S.Ferns (AP1)


Student Voice

School House Exams

B. Lawlor (AP2)

School Environment

International Projects

J. Coghlan (AP2)

School Lockers

Environment Officer (Green Flag)

C. Wrynne (AP2)

Books Scheme

Health & Safety

R. Daly (Acting AP2)
J.C.S.P Librarian



AP 2 Role Vacant